Financial-Industrial Group ROSMASH

ROSMASH is a leading aluminum recycler in Russia. ROSMASH's primary bussiness is the recycling of customer-owned materials in exchange for processing fee, a transaction called tolling. We convert most of materials into foundry ingot, generally based on the aluminum-silicon alloy system with additions of other metals such as copper and magnesium. And also we produce deoxidiser for steel industry.

Our company's principal sales are of fabricated aluminum products.

Grade Form of product


We are produce aluminum alloys according to the international standards. But it can be made by your individual request.

DIN266 (AK5M2)

A380 Ingots
AK12M2 Ingots
DIN231 Ingots
AK12MMgH Ingots
AK9C (AK9) Ingots
AB87, AB93 and etc. Sows, Ingots
AK7 Ingots
AK6M2 Ingots

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